Monday, May 13, 2013

The Top Selling Beer Brands in the World

Top Selling Beer Brands in the World
Throughout the world, beer is one of the most popular drinks. It is one of the alcoholic beverages that are
equally popular in people of all ages. With the continuous increase in the consumption of beer throughout the world, several new beer brands are coming into being. However, none of these have been able to beat the already established ones, which have maintained their positions in the beer market for several years now.

1. Snow
The Chinese beer brand, Snow, has beaten all other universal brands. This may come as a surprise to many, specifically because of the fact that this pale brew is not as popular in the West and it is in Eastern countries. Despite this, Snow managed to sell over 50 million barrels in 2011 alone! With the Chinese beer market growing rapidly, it has managed to beat the king of beer brands, Bud Light. In fact, it has become almost twice as popular as this formerly coveted brand.

          2Bud Light Lime
While Bud Light Lime has certainly been beaten by Snow, it still remains on the second spot in the most popular beer brands in the world. This margarita flavored drink is the most sold beer in the United States. In fact, the company managed to sell over 45 million barrels in the last year. A major reason of the popularity of Bud Light is the fact that several drinkers are now looking for sweet alternatives. Bud Light’s margarita flavor is perfect for satisfying this craving.

Top 3 beer-Budweiser
       3. Budweiser
Among beer brands, Budweiser is the second most popular in the United States. A few years back, the company’s reputation has begun to decline. However, it is now expanding globally and has effectively entered the Chinese and the Russian market. It is now successfully back in the competition and is selling almost as well as Bud Light in America.

Top Selling Beer Brands in the World
         4. Corona Extra
This exotic drink belongs to the Mexican beer market. It recently made its way to the list of the top beer brands in the world through extensive advertising. In fact, 2012 saw Corona Extra coming up with the biggest advertising campaign ever seen for a beer brand. This successfully led to over 30 million barrels of the beer being sold worldwide.

Top Selling Beer Brands in the World
          5.  Heineken
The world’s former, Heineken, had not been seen in the market since a few years now. The company had been experiencing its worst downfall, even after marketing efforts in Russia and Africa. At the beginning of 2012, however, Heineken came back into action with the news that James Bond would be sipping the drink instead of his usual vodka in Skyfall. Unsurprisingly, the sales picked up immediately even with the higher prices!


  1. I usually drink Grey Goose. It’s a French brand and I like its taste. I have tasted other brands of vodka too for me it is among the best vodka brands and even my friends like its flavor/ taste.

  2. Recently Goa Kings Beer Brand launched in Mumbai...

    Must try!!! It has unique taste.


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